12 Useful Sites for Awesome and Free Stock Photography

Searching for the perfect stock photography, particularly within the free market, can be an absolute pain. You’re not only bombarded with subpar quality images but flat, ordinary ones too. That’s not a dig at Amateur Photographers; we all start somewhere and practice makes perfect, but the sheer volume would cause anyone a headache. Below, you will find an all you need list of stock image sites that consistently share high quality, commercial free photography. 


I use Unsplash the most out of all of these websites. They upload ten commercial free images every ten days. Subscribe and watch this space!



Raumrot has been online since 2014 and has published a little over a thousand creative images. Much of the pictures on here fall within the ‘Lifestyle’ category.



Magdeleine is a curated collection of free stock images from a wide selection of Photographers. The main chunk of the collection features around the subject of ‘Nature’.


Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri is a designer traveling the world with his roommate and filmmaker Mike Dewey, sharing his experiences through free stock imagery.

jay mantri


Gratisography contains a collection of images taken by artist and photographer Ryan McGuire. With great style and wit, Ryan has created a free stock website with a twist. A must see.



Refe is a premium stock website, but with a growing free library. Their selection covers a broad range of categories from Abstract to Travel.


Foodies Feed

You guessed it. ‘Foodies Feed’ is a collection of free stock images dedicated to all the foodies out there. From Strawberries to Sushi.


New Old Stock

Another one of my favorites, New Old Stock, is a Tumblr blog dedicated to sharing vintage photos from the public archives.



All of the images found on Stokpic have been taken and kindly given away by Ed Gregory.


ISO Republic

ISO Republic provides exclusive free and premium stock photos for creatives. Tom Eversley, a designer, and photographer from England, created the website in October 2014.


Cupcake Stock

A quality stock site filled with ‘Instagram-worthy’ images from the portfolio of Swedish photographer Jonas Nilsson Lee.


The Internet Book Archive

While the Internet Book Archive is not a stock photo website, it’s too good of a resource not to include. While there are some old photos available within the archive, the majority of the collection is made up of illustrations. It is my number one recommendation to any creator; it’s a treasure trove of over 5 million images!



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