13 Clean and Creative WordPress Portfolio Themes

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WordPress, the worlds most popular publishing platform and arguably the most powerful due to its vast community of theme and plugin developers. Because of this hype surrounding the program, it can be utilized to create any website that you desire, the limits of customization is almost endless. It may come of no shock to you that we use WordPress here on Inspiration Hut, and many of your favorite websites do to. 

Here we have compiled 13 WordPress Portfolio Themes developed by the guys over at Elegant Themes. The themes are premium, but oddly enough you do not pay a premium price. The way in which Elegant Themes price their products is simple, you buy the lot at once (totaling to 86 at time of publish) for a tidy sum of $39, that is as little as $0.46 per theme. They have created a wide range of WordPress themes for you guys to use for a vast array of projects. Within this article we are focusing primarily on their beautiful portfolio themes. 


Vertex Portfolio Theme

Elegant WordPress Themes

Vertex is a stunning theme built for service providers that want to showcase their equally stunning products. The climb down from the Vertex is long, but as you descend you are met with beautifully animated content that is built for scrolling. 


Nimble Portfolio Theme

Wordpress Theme

Nimble is a big, bold, and beautiful theme that doesn't let its own style get in the way. With each design I struggle to strike a balance between style and function. Nimble's colors are toned down but still delicious and its style is bold but still leaves room to breath. 


Flexible WordPress Theme

Flexible WordPress Theme

Flexible is a sleek and minimal portfolio theme packed full of some awesome features. The theme puts your work first, keeping the design elements to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style. With its filterable, ajax-powered multi-media gallery, Flexible is perhaps our most feature-rich gallery theme yet.


Origin Grid Based Theme

Grid Based Portfolio WordPress Theme

Origin is a stunning grid-based theme that tells a story through imagery. The theme creates a truly engaging experience by saturating the screen with your beautiful photos. The theme is also responsive, meaning it will look and work great on mobile devices as well. 


Deepfocus Photography Theme

Wordpress Photography Theme

Now you can turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintaining all of the features of a normal blog. Along with the gallery layout, DeepFocus comes with a robust blog and CMS-style homepage as well, making it an amazing solution for artists/photographers looking to build an online presence.


Gleam WordPress Theme

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 12.46.08

Gleam was built to dazzle. With its flashy effects and smooth ajax loading techniques, this theme creates a truly unique experience that is sure to grab your visitor's attention. Allowing for custom full BG photos for each page, Gleam makes it easy to create a custom stunning appearance for each section of your website. 


Feather Theme

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 12.49.34

Feather has a light and airy quality that gives your website a fun and care-free vibe. The theme is simple, but its subtle details and textures have been designed with care. If you are looking for a subdued design that is still stylistic and impressive, then Feather just might be the theme for you.


Envisioned Theme

Envisioned Theme

Envisioned is a beautiful and powerful portfolio theme that enables you to easily create professional, multi-media galleries. Envisioned has the most powerful gallery features of any of our themes, allowing you to produce versatile layouts of various sizes and aspect ratios.


Sky WordPress Theme

Sky WordPress Theme

Sky floats above the pack in style and its sense of whimsy is sure to leave your visitors surprised and refreshed. Sky is unique in the way it's homepage operates, loading all of your content seamlessly using ajax. This means that no matter how many pages you have in the "slider," your initial page load speed will be lightning fast as each page is only loaded when it is displayed.


Modest Theme

Modest WordPress Theme

Modest is a truly elegant and simple design that doesn't sacrifice character or style. With this theme I really wanted to strip down all extraneous detail and give people some lightweight and pure. It was hard to resist my natural instict to add additional design elements, but I think this exercise in restraint has yielded a theme that will serve many people well.


Glider Theme

Glider Theme

If you are looking to re-invent your personal website, then Glider just might be the theme for you. Featuring a contemporary style and a unique javascript layout, this theme is sure to leave your visitors impressed.


ePhoto Photography Theme

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 12.57.49

ePhoto was created for those looking to turn their blog into a photo gallery. While the theme was created with photographers in mind, it can certainly be used to display any type of digital imagery. 


eGallery Portfolio Theme

eGallery Portfolio Theme

eGallery is a theme made to transform your blog into a fully functional online gallery. This theme has been created with simplicity in mind, and is designed to emphasize the artwork you choose to showcase. The design has been greatly enhanced using javascript, and is easy to implement.

The best thing about these wordpress portfolio themes is that they come equipt with Elegant Themes very own ePanel. A powerful back-end option panel that allows you to change and edit many different aspects of your website with just a few clicks. 

Pay a visit to elegant themes clicking the pretty banner below. 

  • These portfolio themes are really inspiring and attractive. This suits any website niche I guess. Thanks for sharing this list.