14 Free App and Web Design GUI Kits

Graphic User Interface Kits, also known as GUI Kits (“gooey kits”) are very handy to have in your resource library. I’m sure there’s a few of you that have been in the position where you have so much work on, but you decide to take on more. A potential mistake. But on the plus side, one of your projects is to design a mobile application (or a website), and you happen to have the perfect UI kit in your library. With the right licensing in place, you can go ahead and roll it out and edit where you need (all of these kits are entirely editable and easy to work with).

This saves a tonne of time which means you have a happy client, and you get paid. If your like me, downloading these kits can often feel like I am cheating. So I tend to edit a lot of it, but even when I do this, it’s still quicker as the basics are there for me to work with.

Free GUI Kits

Description : The PSD is properly layered, with intuitive naming, making modifying it for your own projects a synch. The design features four pairs of complimentary colors perfect for any flat design: bittersweet, which is #FC6E51 and #E9573F; lavender, which is #AC92EC and #967ADC; grass, which is #A0D468 and #8CC152; and aqua, which is #4FC1E9 and #3BAFDA. Download here



Description : This simple Flat UI Kit has been created by designer Riki Tanome, he has infact created two of the kits that we have included in this article. Download Here.



Description : The elements are organized in folders so you won’t have to search through a multitude of layers to get what you are looking for. The graphical elements of the UI kit are: vertical menu, sign in menu, social media profile, horizontal menu, comment form, pricing table, video player, calendar, newsletter subscribe, checkboxes, dropdown, scrollbar, pagination, search, share buttons and music player. Download Here.



Description : “Just put this little flat Ui kit together. I’ve attached the .Ai file for download. Type face is Maven Pro from LostType, check it out” Zachary VanDeHey. Download Here



Description : Here we have a simple midnight blue ui kit featuring simply menu options, various buttons and search bars. Download Here


Free UI Kit Download

Description : “Here is my first Black User Interface kit. This one includes everything from radio buttons and checkboxes to on/off GUI switches and search boxes. Everything is entirely vector and can be scaled to any size if needed. It also includes a Photoshop PSD like always.” Matt Gentile. Download Here



Description : “This orange user interface kit includes everything from radio buttons and checkboxes to on/off gui switches and searchboxes. The kit is entirely vector and can be scaled to any size if needed. It also includes a Photoshop PSD like always.” Matt Gentile. Download Here



Description : “Today’s freebie is a beautifully clean and well organized PSD from Sebastien Gabriel. This is a fantastic UI set to work with if you’re looking for a modern, app-like feel.” Sebastien Gabriel. Download Here

Description : A clean and dark themed UI kit, predominantly for websites, but can be used for apps too. Download Here


Free App GUI Kit

Description: All elements are 100% vector shapes, easy to modify. Very clean layout, PSD very well organized and layers well named, Clean & subtle effects, making it attractive & professional. Download Here



Description : “A Clean User Interface Kit that includes Buttons, Radio Buttons, Check boxes, Drop downs and more! I basically extended my “Media UI” into an entire kit. Everything is 100% vector and can be re-scaled to any size if needed. It also includes a Photoshop PSD like always.” Matt Gentile. Download Here



Description : “A Mobile and Web UI Kit PSD. Perfectly suited to your upcoming mobile or web-projects. You can use it for your personal or clients projects. Its completely free to use for Commercial use too” Download Here 


Free UI Kit Download

Description : “Square UI is our latest PSD User Interface Pack including a set of beautiful and pure components, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS apps.” Design Modo. Download Here



Description : Here is the second freebie created by Riki Tanone that we have included in our compilation. Big spacing, and beautiful colors. Download Here

Premium Option

As always, we like to include at least one premium option. All of the images below are available as one purchase for $6.











Description : This kit is needed for developers of applications for iOS. It contains a minimum necessary set of elements to make apps. Only in PSD files. Elements can be combined. For example, replacing the the icons in Tab Bar can be made any other app you want. The features include5 psd files, over 5 color solutions, fully editable and customizable, easy to modify for your app, elements are organized in group, with layers named, normal/pressed states are included. Download Here

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