15 Free Coffee Stains and Rings Exclusive To Inspiration Hut

Today I want to share with you a free sample from my popular ‘Coffee Stains & Rings‘ pack – The full pack includes 80 individual elements and this download contains 15 of my favorites.

This collection of free coffee stains and rings will instantly add an element of realism to your digital work. All of the images included are in the PNG format and are entirely transparent making them super easy to work with. Each element was scanned at a huge 1200dpi to reach the highest possible quality and realism.

Remember, if you want the full pack head on over to our Marketplace!

Free Coffee Stains

Free Coffee Stains

Free Coffee Stains

Download the Coffee Ring and Stain pack for Free!

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Hi there! I'm Abbie, the founder of Inspiration Hut. My job is to dig through the noise of the internet and find the very best in art and design inspiration to feed your creative hunger.


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