53 High Quality and Free Metallic Gold Textures for Your Design Projects

Designers have been striving to add elements of realism to their digital work for years. What was once often referred to as skeuomorphic design, is now generally considered the norm. We have many tools that help us achieve this realism, such as textures, handwritten fonts, and more recently, SVG fonts!

Inspired by the do it yourself craft movement, gold foil effects have slowly become quite prominent in the design industry, featured throughout a range of areas from branding to illustration. With the design community being as generous as it is, it was only a matter of time before we were able to get our digital mitts on a plethora of free metallic gold textures to play with!

Try combining them with typography, or overlay them atop of illustrations and textures to highlight specific areas of your work. My personal favorite uses both watercolor brushes and gold textures to create ethereal backgrounds. Interestingly, Digital Curio used this technique to create her ‘Liquid Gold Texture’ pack that you can find below. 

Gold Texture by WanderingSoul-Stox

8 Free Liquid Gold Textures by Digital Curio

This wonderful set of liquid gold textures were handcrafted and kindly offered exclusively to our subscribers by Digital Curio, aka Kate Rose. She is a self-taught designer and fell in love with working with Photoshop and Illustrator the moment she discovered them.

Free Metallic Gold Textures

Gold Foil Close Up by THOR

4 Free Gold Foil Textures by Monika Ratan

This texture set includes 4 unique textures of reflective gold foil. Available for free download as 1200x1200px in the JPG format.

Free Metallic Gold Textures

Gold Metallic Texture by THOR

Gold Leaf Texture by PaperElement

Gold Fibre Textures by Pauline Moss

Worn Metallic Metal Texture by Stock Pics Textures

Gold Acrylic Paint on Canvas Texture by Enchantedgal Stock

Gold Metallic Texture Duo by Melyssah Stock

Gold Metallic Texture Duo by Melyssah Stock

Gold Metallic Texture Duo by Melyssah Stock

Wrinkled Gold Metal Texture by Enchantedgal Stock

Gold Leaf Texture by Hypnothalamus

15 Free Metallic Gold Textures by Inspiration Hut (That’s us!)

The popularity of metallic gold textures has soared this year! So in response to the demand, we have created this versatile and free pack of high-resolution gold textures. Each gold background is 4171px in both height and width with a 300dpi resolution.

Free Gold Textures

Gold Foil Texture by Paper Element

9 Metallic Textures by Gold & Berry

Okay, they’re not all gold, but they’re certainly good enough to include in our roundup!

Swirled Acrylic Gold Paint Texture by Enchantedgal Stock

Looking for the perfect font to combine with your new gold textures?

Look no further than my very own ‘Rustic Gold’ SVG Brush Script font family (standard OTF fonts are also included!)

Introducing Rustic Gold! An expressive Opentype SVG brush script font full of personality and stunning textures. Designed to be versatile, Rustic Gold, can take center stage or be used to beautifully complement your favorite sans and serif fonts. Ideal for a variety of design projects from branding to packaging, from apparel to stationery, and everything in between.

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