7 High Quality Abstract Backgrounds for your Designs and Desktop

Here we have several exclusive abstract backgrounds for you guys to pick and choose from, you can use the backgrounds for both commercial and personal purposes without any restrictions. The download at the bottom of the page is a .Zip file and contains the full resolution of each image below (3500×2515 – 300dpi). If you intend on sharing the downloads on your own blogs, we request that you link to this page.

These backgrounds came about as I was searching for ‘clean and simplistic backgrounds’ earlier this week for a project I have been working on, but the majority of backgrounds that I came across were either too busy and jam packed with effects, or too basic and boring. So I came up with my own, although the outcomes remain un-used, they turned out quite nicely, so I’ve decided to make different variations for you guys to download and possibly put them to good use.









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