The Versatile, Artistic Design Bundle Just $29 (Worth $2355)

This artistic design bundle is available with our friend’s over at Design Cuts. The collection has an incredibly varied collection of popular artistic design resources for 99% off.

This all-new bundle is bursting at the seams with creativity and quality. Each pack is totally different from the last, giving you the ability to create everything from cute watercolor designs, to grungy masterpieces, kids storybooks, slick vector branding and more. This is the kind of bundle to spark your imagination and make you want to invent new projects simply to use all your new creative resources!

Artistic Design BundleThis artistic design bundle is vast, and includes everything from cute watercolors, to intricate ink effects, spray paint, vintage etchings, halftones, fonts, clean shapes and much more. These products were created by true masters at their crafts, and the attention to detail in each pack is superb. You’ll be equipped with some of the best artistic resources in the world, setting you up for any future project.

Artistic Design Bundle

Artistic Design Bundle

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