117 Useful Hand Drawn Vector Lines to Add to your Tool Kit

Even the most basic of resources, a straight line, can be super useful and time-saving for the modern designer. That’s why Abbie created this nifty pack of 117 hand drawn vector lines. You can duplicate and overlap the lines to form backgrounds, you can use them to create borders, boxes or use them for something as simple as an underline to help highlight some text.

If you follow current design trends and are keeping up with the market, you’ll notice that more designers (and agencies) are incorporating hand drawn elements into their work. It can improve its authenticity and consumers love authenticity and businesses love consumers! So grab this free pack of hand drawn vector lines today and tuck them away in your designer’s tool chest.

This free pack of vectored lines includes 1 Adobe Illustrator (.AI) vector file, and 5 high-resolution PNG images that include the original scans (for those that prefer the natural look over vector, I’m with you!)

main-preview  2



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