FREE Magazine / Book Front Cover Mock-up Template PSD File

Okay, so here guys we have a nice magazine / book mock-up template. The file is operated by smart-objects which are brilliant as they save you from playing about with perspectives, shadows, and highlights (which is what I’ve been doing now for a good hour or two). Also, the file is a whopping 3000×1987 @ 300DPI, so for those that are needing it for presentation purposes can simply print it off with the confidence of it still looking great. Enjoy, share and remember to credit us. The download button is down the bottom of the page.






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  1. Hello, I really like your free magazine cover mock-up.
    However, event I sign up my email, I can’t see the download button, hope that you didn’t delete it. Please let me know what happen why I can’t download it. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hey there! We have not deleted it, so don’t worry. However, after signing up, you receive a message asking you to confirm your email. Upon confirmation, you will be redirected to our downloads page :)

  2. This is so great! But is there meant to be an irremovable watermark in the middle of the front cover?

  3. this is great stuff, keep it up buddy! and thanks alot for the sharing!

    1. Author

      Hey Greg, use it wherever and for whatever. But if you republish it within a magazine or something like that, we would like to be credited. :)

  4. once I save the changes to the smart object layer, going back it isn’t in the right place or shape, am I doing something wrong?

    1. Author

      That is odd, are you using the File > Save option and not File > Save as? and does the cover that you are wanting to fill up the entire smart image document?


      1. Hi, I had the same problem. Edited the smart object, clicked File > Save and then the perspective and dimensions of the image were wrong (the saved image displayed across the entire workspace as opposed to within the shape of the book). I am running CS3 – would this be a compatibility problem?

        1. Author

          This is down to compatibiltiy. CS3 uses Smart Objects, but it was in CS4 that they introduced smart objects that carry their own perspective behaviours. See here for more info (3 sections from the bottom) –

    1. Author

      Hey Mo, 

      You simply open it in Photoshop, double click the smart object layer, another window will open and you replace the image thats within the new window with your own. Click File>Save (not save as) return to the original PSD file, and wallah! Hope this helps. :) 


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