Free Typeface: CWG Sans by Morten Talleivsen

Morten Talleivsen has created this free typeface called ‘CWG Sans’ free for personal use, I have included the download link and Morten’s website at the bottom of this article.

Inspired by the classic and “all mighty” Helvetica, but more geometric, “sharp” and only available in caps.
The font in it’s second version has 143 glyphs, all uppercase with all of the most often used symbols. If I get positive feedback and people want it to include greek, cyrillic and so on I might consider making version 3.

free typeface

Morten Talleivsen has been featured from our Tumblr submission page, submit your own work here.





free typeface

free typeface

CWG Sans Download

Morten Talleivsen Website.


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