Fresh & Free Handcrafted Font: Scribbling Tom by Tom Chalky

I had so much fun creating Scribbling Tom, the process was unlike any I have gone through before. It started with a hand full of paper and quickly writing (in uppercase and lowercase) the phrase ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ 30 or so times. I scanned in the results, and selected the most suitable letters. The end result was, to my surprise, very effective and unique. So I continued to add to the experiment and developed the results into a full fledged font. Scribbling Tom is free for personal use, and currently $11.99 for a desktop commercial license. For an in depth look at Scribbling Tom and the terms, view the user guide

Free Handcrafted Font image2 iFree Handcrafted Font image4 glyph coverage image5

Download Here

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