Handy Resource: Isometric Mock-Up Photoshop Actions – Perfect for UI Design and Type

We have been fortunate enough to witness the birth of mainstream computers, mobile phones and the surrounding industries. However, In the moment that I write this article, the industry that you and I work in is quickly becoming more and more competitive. So how do you stand out in an industry powered by visuals? You need good design. Once you have it, present it to the world as best as you can. In some cases, the presentation of your work is just as important as the work itself. 

This leads me to present you with this awesome isometric mock-up kit created by Graphic River author Vladislav Karpov. The kit includes a handful of actions that instantly transforms your work (particularly good for type and ui design) from a flat image to an isometric floating board that will grab the eye of your audience. What's better is that this can be yours for only $4. More info here.


  1. Works with any type of layers
  2. Five variations of thickness
  3. Automation up to 5 layers
  4. Two directions of isometric view
  5. Generator of 8 flat backgrounds
  6. Generator of 8 gradient backgrounds
  7. Perspective blur effect

Isometric Photoshop Action part 1

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