Introducing The ’80 Photorealistic Branding Logo Mockups’ Bundle (24 Hour 50% Off Coupon Inside)

Recently, we shared with you a free download that included 7 logo mockups from ZippyPixels. Looking at the statistics, you guys loved the download so we've gone ahead and got our mitts on a 50% off coupon (IHUT8897) for their latest bundle that contains whopping 80 PSD Logo Mockups! Within this bundle they have tried to include a wide array of logo mockup categories making it a breeze to find a mockup relevant to your next project. Each and every one of the mockups are realistic and highly detailed leaving little to the imagination, in fact many of the mockups are photos with clever Photoshop work to super impose your designs.


But here is the catch; this 50% discount deal is available for 24 hours. So you better hurry now and avail this amazing discount.


Check out the categories below. 

8 Fabric Logo Mockups

The fabric collection includes eight styles including rubber, embroidered, screen-printed, plastic, embossed, logo on burlap, logo on soft fabric and logo on wool fabric. 


7 Metal Logo Mockups

The metal collection includes styles for seven different surface textures. You’ll get mockups for painted on metal, 3D on steel, engraved on steel, embossed on metal, embossed in metal, engraved on silver and engraved on steel. 


11 Leather Logo Mockups

The leather collection includes 11 styles with plenty of room for customization. Styles include engraving, gold foil stamped, debossed, printed on soft leather, printed on white leather, printed on diary, jeans label, golden print, engraved on diary, golden stamps and embossed silver. 


16 Paper Logo Mockups

Paper styles are the most popular when it comes to creating a logo and this set of 16 designs includes everything you need: golden foil print, letterpressed, embossed on cardboard, silver on black textured paper, textured on rough card stock, silver spot UV on parchment, stamped, business cards and more. 


7 Plastic Logo Mockups

The plastic collection includes seven mockups perfect for packaging design. The styles in this category include engraving, printed plastic, 3D embossing and etching. 


7 Wall Logo Mockups

With a look you can almost touch, the wall collection includes seven styles: 3D silver on a dark background, 3D silver or 3D gold on a wall, cemented on stone, large logo, marble on brick and rough painted onto a wall. 


12 Wood Logo Mockups

Featuring a variety of surfaces, the wood collection contains 12 mockups with craft styling. The group includes debossed, stamps, embossed, textured, painted, engraved and textured styles with plenty of great detailing. 


12 Miscellaneous Logo Mockups

Anything you can’t find in one of the above collections is here. With 14 styles that range from circular badges to paper tags to logos on mugs, glasses or shopping bags, you will find something for your logo here. 


Dont forget to use the coupon code IHUT8897 for 50% off! You have 24 Hours to use it from 01/10/14


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