Introducing the Handcrafted Brixton Hand Font Family (100’s of Extras and 50% off!)

I am proud to introduce you to my handwritten ‘Brixton Hand’ font family. Within this bundle you will receive Brixton Hand, Brixton Hand Condensed, Brixton Hand Sans, Brixton Hand Sans Condensed, Brixton Hand Extras (Ornaments + Lines) and Brixton Hand Words (A bunch of useful and versatile Catchwords for you to enjoy!) First 50 buyers get 50% off with code BRIXTON50.


Brixton Hand and Brixton Hand Condensed both include plenty of stylistic alternatives, some letters have up to 8 different options! Both lowercase and uppercase are different alternatives, and they both have separate stylistic alternatives that you can activate within the Character panel (Photoshop). That’s 4 alternatives made easily accessible. To access the rest you require a program with a Glyphs panel like Illustrator. (Or you can send me a message and I can help you out).


Brixton Sans and Brixton Sans Condensed also have a few tricks up their sleeves. The lowercase for both of these fonts are ‘real’ small caps – also, there are smaller numbers to match the size and width of the small caps (Accessible through the Character Panels ‘Stylistic Alternatives’ option). Both of the fonts cover all Latin 1 Glyphs.

brixton 5

brixton 3

brixton 2

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