A Simple Color Swatch PSD Download for Lovers of Color!

Color, my worst nightmare. I often make wrong decisions with color, may it be for a wall in the bedroom or for a font and its preview images on our marketplace. Very often am I changing the preview images on that bloody marketplace.

But! Here I have made a clever little PSD file, where within a couple of clicks you are presented with a collection of alternatives of your chosen color in the style of color swatches. I know you can toggle around with the slider built in Photoshop, and even download thousands upon thousands of color swatches.

Putting all this aside I have found this little tool to be pretty handy and I hope that you do too. 

color swatch psd file

Above is a screenshot of the layers in the file, as you can see you have a group entitled Shades. Leave this. The bit you want to change is the layer named “Double Click + Change”, this layer is a smart layer and will open a new window. Within which you change the color, and select File > Save.

After returning back to this file, you will see that the image has taken on a life of its own. By hiding individual backgrounds (Modern Dark, Modern Light, Warm & Cold) you manipulate the color swatch further.

Below are a few examples.

Warm Color Swatch

Modern Color

Graphite Color

Pastel color pallette

Modern Passion Pallette








  1. Awesome! Thank you! This week I have to send a client a range of colours for a design of a book, this is very helpful :)

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