Soda Fountain – A New Free Typeface for your Old Designs

Soda Fountain is a free typeface that will make any of your designs burst with flavor. After a year of creating and refining (and procrastinating), I have finished my very first typeface. I’ve loved typography since I was a little kid. I used to pick fonts out for my dad to use in his projects. It only seemed right that now, after becoming a larger child, that I make my own typeface.

The 1950’s have always been my favorite era of design. There was a certain essence that design had then that is hard to find today. I wanted to capture that essence in Soda Fountain, and attempt to bring vintage design to the modern world.

Cranbrook School Soda Fountain, 1955

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10 Feb 1926, USA --- Flappers Drinking Milk Shakes --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

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Soda Fountain is completely free, and available to use any way you please. With 8 flavors and a smooth design, you’ll want to use it in all your designs. Download Soda Fountain for FreeComplain Let me know what you think on Twitter @tannerpuzioShow me what you’ve made on Instagram @tannerpuzioThank you, and happy designing!

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