The Absolute Best Brush Packs for Procreate

Over the last few years Procreate has taken the market by storm with designers and creators flocking to a new way of working. With the introduction of the Apple Pencil and various other styluses, it has never been easier to get work done on the road (or on the sofa).

Now, with this popularity, design resources such as Procreate Brushes have become quite accessible for the application, but unless you’re heavily invested in the market, it’s tough to know what packs are worth your time, money, and attention.

So with that said, we have partnered up with Design Cuts to supply you with an ultimate list of brush packs for Procreate that we believe are the cream of the crop. The top dogs. The best of the best. The dog’s bollo… Enjoy.

50 Procreate Watercolor Brushes

These 50 Procreate Watercolor Brushes are a beautiful collection for your illustrative needs – made from real watercolour textures! This versatile pack – for color washes, painting small details, adding wet edges, water wash, texture effects and so on. To get the most from these brushes, my advice is to use layers, different blend modes and try to use these brushes also as a blend and eraser tool.

Master Watercolor Procreate Brushes

This Master Watercolor Set is for the watercolor artist who wants to experience the same fun and feel of real watercolor on paper!

Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Procreate

The Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own stunning chalkboard pieces without getting yourself covered in white dust. This pack has been made using actual chalk textures to give the most realistic looking set of brushes that you’ll find for Procreate. You also get a tips and tricks guide sheet to show you how to do things like shadows and shading and drawing elements like banners and floral elements!

Procreate Lettering Toolkit

The Procreate Lettering Toolkit is a collection of over 210 brushes for Procreate. They’re all created to emulate the tools that professional lettering artists keep handy. This is the perfect toolkit to open up your world to experimentation with a wide variety of brushes and tools.

Procreate Lettering Starter Pack

This pack contains everything you need to start lettering in Procreate! It’s packed with brushes, textures and images as well as a 10 part workbook for practicing and learning lettering! Textures like chalk, watercolor, noise, ink and metallic foil are also included as well as 5 images that you can use for your masking practice and two color palettes.

Elegant Kit For Procreate

Introducing the Elegant Kit for Procreate, a huge Pack of gorgeous brushes, pattern brushes and luxury textures. This kit includes every metallic and glitter texture you could need! You’ll find classic gold, copper, neutral, white gold, peach, blush, rose gold, bronze and many more!

Procreate Ink Brushes

The popular set is divided into 3 different categories: regular brushes (for ink sketches), ink washes (great for backgrounds and texturing) and ink stains stamps. All brushes (except the stamps) are pressure sensitive and optimized for the Apple Pencil. All these brushes were created from real China ink samples, that have been scanned and transformed into brushes, for a more realistic result. The set also includes 5 bonus paper textures that you can add as background for your artworks!

Procreate Pattern Brushes

This Procreate brushes set includes a collection of 28 seamless pattern brushes, to create varied textures or to add shading to your illustrations – a must have for your resource library!

Procreate Brushes & Worksheets

This kit includes a variety of brushes to get you started plus worksheets to practice basic brush script. Also included is a little bonus of a Procreate texture document, so you can impress your friends with gold writing or some fine gradient lettering!

Procreate Watercolor Botanical Kit

The toolkit has brushes, textures, templates, guides and even it’s own photo reference library! Inside is all you need to draw and paint gorgeous florals! Beginner or experienced artist, this toolkit will save you tons of time and the technique guide (and video) will show you exactly how to make the most of it.

… and that’s all folks (for now). I hope that at least one of these wonderful products fit the bill; If not, be sure to check out our compilation of free procreate brushes!

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