10 Glorious Branding Projects to Tickle your Design Taste buds

My number one go-to source for inspiration is branding projects. Flicking through several top quality branding projects can give me all the juice I need to kickstart ideas for a product (I design digital products for creators; fonts, texture packs, illustration packs, etc). They’re also a great way to keep you on your toes with the latest design trends, as they combine many design practices into one. While it’s great to follow your favorite photographer, typographer, and designer to stay inspired, projects like the ones I have listed below combine the best of each into one wholesome package, thus providing you a broader understanding of how these elements work together to create a finished product. I’ll start with one of my all-time favorites. Super simple, yet super effective.

A Colorful and Playful Branding Project for Children’s Retailer ‘Maisonette’ by Lotta Nieminen

We are absolutely in love with this colorful and playful branding project created for Maisonette (a high-end destination for all things children) that was created by designer, art director, and illustrator, Lotta Nieminen. The visual identity explores the playful point of view of a child juxtaposed with grown-up sophistication. The colorful doodle pattern is the hero in a joyful visual identity elevated with gold foil and a vibrant blue applied throughout implementations.

See the full project here

Impressive New Identity for French Burger Company ‘Big Fernand’

The French burger company Big Fernand has had an impressive new identity created by Violaine & Jeremy. They are an illustration and graphic design studio based in Paris, France, specializing in; artistic direction, graphic identity, web design and editorial design to name a few.

See the full project here

Rebranding for Organic Food Store ‘The Food Field’

Mexico-based multidisciplinary Design Studio Parametro Studio have redesigned the branding for the Organic Food Store ‘The Food Field’. The store is based in San Pedro GG, México and sells organic supplies and more.

See the full project here

Yojoki Tea Brand Identity by Ariel Di Lisio

We were commissioned to develop an identity system for a Japanese brand of tea. Our creative process began by researching the ancient Asian tea culture; we found the oldest Japanese specialty tea book from, Kissa Yōjōki (喫茶 養生 記) ” be healthy through tea” written in 1211.

See the full project here

Get Raw by Snask

Snask is the design agency behind this branding project for ‘Get Raw’, they are a brand that sells organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free health bars. They contacted Snask asking them to do full rebrand to modernize their visual identity and tone of voice.

See the full project here

Califia Almondmilk Creamer Rebrand

This branding project for Califia Almondmilk Creamer was created by Farm Design who partnered with Greg Steltenpohl. The CEO of Califia Farms and former founder of Odwalla, to design the branding and packaging for their innovative line of Almondmilk Creamers bottled in a new 750mL curvy form, reminiscent of their signature 48oz carafe bottle.

See the full project here

Branding Project: Plumage Salon by Pop & Pac

Pop & Pac are a graphic design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialize in graphic design, branding, and packaging design. “Together with our clients and collaborators, we make brands stand out. Bespoke, modern, timeless, clever and unique are words that in part, form our design ethos. 

See the full project here

Branding Design: Bivouac Ciderworks by Farm Design

Farm Design has created this branding and packaging for Bivouac Ciderworks, they create a hand-crafted cider that is not too sweet but full of flavor. Farm Design is a multidisciplinary branding agency based in LA that is centered on the idea that thoughtful strategy and collaborative insights make creativity connect with an audience.

See the full project here

Identity Design for the Boutique Flower Shop; Flùr

This gorgeous identity design was created for the boutique flower shop ‘Flùr’. The design studio behind the creation of this project is Tung Studio, they are based in Toronto and specialize in graphic design and art direction. 

See the full project here

Branding Project for Gard’Ann Patisserie by kissmiklos

Kissmiklos is the designer behind this branding project for Gard’Ann patisserie. He is based in Budapest, Hungary and specializes in architecture, fine art, design, and graphic design. Gard’Ann patisserie is located in the center of Kaposvár, a country town in Hungary. The name of the patisserie comes from the word ‘Garden’ and the owner’s name ‘Anne Marie’.

See the full project here

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