10 Modern Branding Projects That Show Less Can Be More

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Within this article, I have compiled a collection of beautifully modern branding projects that proves less can be more. Each project has carefully put to work the 4 design basics; colour, shape, typography and composition.

When a minimal design is executed successfully, it not only looks great but can add plenty of value to your/your clients brand! Below you will find 10 examples from 10 designers/agencies that I think will point you in the right direction.

Visual Design for a traditional festival in Shikoku, Japan.

bran1 bran2 Modern Branding Projects

Floravere – A luxury Bridal Fashion Brand.

bran4 bran5 Modern Branding Projects

Ministerstwo Dobrego Mydła = Fine Soap Ministry – A company producing decent, handmade soaps and cosmetics. Their secret plan for success is good materials, good craftsmanship and hard work.

bran7 bran8 Modern Branding Projects

Manassé French-African inspired Pâtisserie and Boulangerie, located in Guadalajara, México, that offers delicious croissants, baguettes, éclairs, macarons, and a wide assortment of exquisite french pastries.

bran10 bran11 bran12

Port Products Established in California with the mission to generate balance and wellness in men’s skin.

bran13 bran14bran15

Amie Bakery Amie is a small, speciality bakery in downtown Cape Cod, that likes to think of itself as the town’s kitchen.

bran16 bran17 bran18

Rumeli70 Pharmacy – A newly opened pharmacy in one of Istanbul’s busiest and most popular streets.

bran19 bran20 bran21

Gant  – Owned by Switzerland’s largest retail group Maus Fréres was established in the US in 1949 as Gant shirt makers.

bran22 bran23 bran24

TEMARI  Luxury Sushi Boutique

bran25 bran26 bran27

APPIA – A versatile skincare range.

bran28 bran29 bran30