photo manipulation tutorials

10 Creative Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

Today, as the title suggests, compiled below is a fantastic collection of creative photo manipulation tutorials for Photoshop. The tutorials have been aimed at beginners and intermediates and cover a wide range of tools and options from within the software so you should learn a thing… or two. More and more digital pieces are popping up from within advertising and on the web and with enough attention to detail, time and effort some incredible results can be attained. 

photo manipulation tutorials

Portrait Photo Manipulation Tutorial


photo manipulation tutorials

Colorful Water Droplet Tutorial


cracked tutorial

Crack and Peel Tutorial


robotic frog tutorial

Robotic Frog Tutorial


rainbow tutorial

Realistic Rainbow Tutorial


converse tutorial

Splashing Sneaker Tutorial


zombie tutorial

Zombeefixation Tutorial


into the wild

Into the Wild Tutorial


photo tutoral

Fantasy Haven Tutorial


face tutorial

Abstract Portrait Tutorial


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