1930’s – 1950’s Style Ultra Realistic Paintings by Brian Tull

This collection of ultra realistic paintings are by Brian Tull, he creates each piece with oil and acrylic on panel and they are all set in the 1930’s through ‘50’s. I’m pulled to photorealism because it allows the viewer to notice things they wouldn’t notice in real time, especially with my detailed, large-scale works. A painting freezes movement, reflections. Photorealism is a well-suited vehicle for capturing moments that occur with little notice, but are nonetheless revealing in their narrative. My painting process forces me as the artist to look beyond the subject matter; to just let a face be a series of objects, or an object simply a block of color. In the end, the story will be seen and told.

Brian Tull

Brian Tull1

Brian Tull2

Brian Tull3

Brian Tull4

Brian Tull5

Brian Tull7

Brian Tull8

Brian Tull9

Brian Tull10

Brian Tull11

Brian Tull12

Brian Tull13

Brian Tull14

Brian Tull15

Brian Tull16

Brian Tull17

Brian Tull18

Brian Tull19

Brian Tull20

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