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Awesome Raleigh Poster Design by Brian Miller (+ Process Images)

Brian Miller has created two poster designs for Raleigh USA, he was asked to create a series of posters for a new generation while capturing the timeless qualities that make Raleigh and their riders unique. Raleigh has been working with illustrators since 1916 and Brian says that he is thrilled to contribute!

Raleigh Heritage Poster

Poster Design

With the sketch in place and approval from Raleigh, I moved on to laying out the basic values of the piece. When I was working on this part, I was really trying to focus on creating romantic lighting which would enhance that feeling of serenity and exploration. Typically if the mood comes through in black and white, it’ll sing in color once I’ve put in lots of work.

Poster Design2

Poster Design3

Poster Design4

Poster Design5

Poster Design6

Poster Design7

Poster Design8

2014 Raleigh Holiday Poster

Poster Design9

The biggest challenge with the sketches was nailing the right balance between the clutter of the bike shop with the clarity needed to show the kids and the bikes. With the sketch in place, I moved onto laying out values in black and white to resolve these challenges before moving to color.

Poster Design

Poster Design11

Poster Design12

Poster Design13

Poster Design14

Poster Design15

Poster Design16

Poster Design17

via: Brian Miller

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