2014 Sketchbook Art by Jared Muralt

Here is a collection of 2014 sketchbook art by Jared Muralt, an artist based in Switzerland. He has his sketchbook with him at all times and fills them with studies of people, scientific inventions and the animal kingdom. Muralt is self-taught and is also the co-founder of BlackYard studio which is a Swiss illustration and graphic design agency.

 Indeed, it is via these primary, diaristic sketches that Muralt’s vast imagination takes shape—delightful, energetic caricatures, sci-fi experiments and both alternate and future worlds are all boldly rendered in pen on paper. As such, Muralt’s curious and adventurous spirit manifests in wholly idiosyncratic illustrations and ultimately underpins his artistic practice.

2014 Sketchbook

2014 Sketchbook2

2014 Sketchbook3

2014 Sketchbook4

2014 Sketchbook5

2014 Sketchbook6

2014 Sketchbook7

2014 Sketchbook

2014 Sketchbook9

2014 Sketchbook10

2014 Sketchbook11

2014 Sketchbook12

2014 Sketchbook13

via: Jared Muralt

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