24 Mouth Watering Bakery Branding Projects

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People often come out with the phrase ‘Dont judge a book by it’s cover’, and I usually agree. However, when it comes to a business, I’m most definitely going to judge. I just can’t help it and chances are neither can you. The visual identity of a business is super powerful, be it in a positive or a negative way.

A fancy logo design isn’t going to cut it. The branding of a business continues with its interior and exterior, its website, and even the presentation and attitude of those that work there.

Below you are going to find 24 stunning examples of branding projects for companies within the food industry, primarily bakeries. Half way through you might want to rush off and grab a bite to eat, but try and stick it out until the end!

Cafecito Tun Tun – “Created by Erika Ponce and Roberto Revilla proposes an experience where coffee, gourmet food (bagels, baguettes, salads and traditional pastries), and cool and pleasant atmosphere will make you feel comfortable, happy and peaceful. A place where reading, writing, talking and listening to music in the heat of a good coffee.”

Bakery Branding Projects



Muskette Bakery – by Judit Besze




Bakeberry“is located in the heart of Old Town, the main attraction for tourists coming to Riga. The main idea was to create a must-visit place in the city. Calm colors, delicious confectionery, warm interior – everything should create a comfortable atmosphere.”




Louis Charden“What comes to your mind when you think of a bakery? Home, family, a feast, childhood or maybe a tempting aroma of your mother’s cakes? The concept of scent-driven memories led the entire branding process. French origin insinuation was first of all solved through the naming. We developed a brand character-Louis Charden, the founder of the bakery and created a brand story. The identity was based on unique illustrations, unfolding different life events of the brand character- childish amusements, first love, his steps in the confectionary industry.”

Bakery Branding Projects



Amie Bakery“Amie is a small, specialty bakery in downtown Cape Cod, that likes to think of itself as the town’s kitchen.”




Sweet Cakes Bakery – by Muhammed Hesham

Bakery Branding Projects


Sinhá Farinha “It was created from the idea of bringing only the best ingredients, offering products with an artisanal homemade taste, like back in the days of a colonialBraziliann farms, wich was the key visual inspiration for the branding.”



Presstisserie “The Presstisserie part of Gastronomy Press Group and offers various fine pastries to take with cafes, as well as pies and cakes to order. the brand and graphic materials bringing the French climate confectionery was developed.”


Madame Quoi “Branding and packaging for a gourmet bakery inspired by the dramatic french story of Henriette Callioux set in the year 1914; thereby it seeks to reflect the uncontrol and the explosion of feelings.”




La Boheme“The project was given as a class exercise. We were presented only with the name of our imaginary bakery and we had to develop the whole identity of the place. We had to build up the story around the establishment and visualize it perfectly in order to work on it.”



KROMKA Polish Bakery “Polish-style bakery founded in 2014 to bring the authentic taste of Polish home baking to London. One of the key factors in Kromka Polish Bakery’s success has been its ethos that cakes taste best when they’ve been freshly baked using exactly the same ingredients and techniques as those used in home baking. Kromka Polish Bakery has its own kitchen and a team of resident expert bakers and cake decorators. This enables the bakery to bake to order and to only serve its customers cakes that have been freshly baked the very same day.”




The Flour Pot Bakery“Brand identity and interior design for Brighton based bakery, The Flour Pot. We created, produced and applied the brand logo, colour scheme, window decals, interior wall menus, exterior signage, hand stamped takeaway bags, loyalty cards, traders cards and product cards.”




Cafe Bakery“Developing a corporate identity for cafe-bakery “family recipes”, we took into account the main trend is: the consumer wants personalized treatment. Time passed goods “for all”. And manual pencil illustrations that underlie visual solutions to emphasize the sincerity and targeted brand communication.”Doska 1


So! Patisserie“The pastry shop  is located in a small square named Karytsi, in Athens. Why… So!? Because this small word can be used for many reasons. As a sentence starter: “So… what are we going to do today?” or “So, do you know a good place to have a dessert?” and for more positive and exciting thoughts: “This is so amazing!” or “So tasty, so delightful, so devilishly good, so delicious, so ambrosial” and so on… Also, these are the first letters of the owner’s name. Finally, we tried to use a funny quote, to promote client’s pastry quality.”



The Orangery“Taking its name from the conservatories built in European fashionable residences from the 17th to the 19th century, the Orangery is an elegant tea-room and patisserie which is located on the grounds of the Palace Boutique Hotel in Bahrain. Once you enter the gates of the Orangery, you feel instantly transported to an English garden on summer’s day; a real hidden gem boasting beautiful landscaped gardens, a courtyard with water features and a luxurious dining area.”




Violeta“Violeta is a traditional Argentinian bakery located in the well-off neighborhood of Las Lomas de San Isidro in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Named after its founder, Violeta creates beautiful, hand-crafted bread, cakes, and pastries. With more than 30 years in the hearts of the people of Buenos Aires, Violeta now plans to start up franchises in Miami, Florida.”




Lulu Cake Boutique“Lulu doesn’t just bake cakes. This New York City boutique creates masterpieces that also happen to be unmatched in flavor. They are obsessed with detail, and it shows.”




Deerfield Bakery“Nestled on a tree-lined street in a quiet neighborhood, Deerfield Bakery is one of the best family-owned confectionaries in Chicago. The brand mark is inspired by the company’s infamous wedding cakes and the town’s appreciation of deer.”



La Brea Bakery“They needed a refresh to their existing “B” logo, a dough shaped brand with a 25-year history. The solution is a more sophisticated brand with a nod to their heritage incorporating the baguette in the small “b”. The final identity delivers a friendly more approachable brand that has a seal of quality and freshness throughout. The brand quickly took shape as the patterns and icons were developed.”




First Metropolitan Bread“In Red Bear Agency we made design for a logotype, business cards pattern and packaging for bread bakery company which produce hand made bread. Made in 2014.”



Ellie’s Table – “It was created as a tribute to Eleanor Mastroianni, wife of Jay Mastroianni, who started the cooking behind Jay’s Catering. Ellie’s recipes have stood the test of time and this restaurant has been put in place to make sure her story is told for many generations.”




Carlotta – “Our brand proposal adopts graphic styles from Mexico during “El Porfiriato”, a historical period in which the country was under the control of president Porfirio Diaz, a man heavily influenced by French customs, art and architecture.”




Michelle’s Bakery“My illustrations for Michelle’s Bakery identity. The Bakery placed in Moscow. Art direction, production and photos by G-sign.”



Paris Baguette“Paris Baguette’s bakery-cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants serve high-quality French- and Asian-influenced pastries in Asia and the United States. They have over 3,000 stores in South Korea and more than 70 stores in the United States. The Paris Baguette team approached us to concept and develop the look and feel of their coveted specialty gift boxes.”