36 Stunning Magazine and Publication Layouts for your Inspiration

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Here I have compiled a fine collection of magazine and publication layouts to help inspire and motivate you throughout your project/s. When it comes to creating a new, unique and creative publication or magazine layout it can quickly evolve into something screen smash’ worthy, which is why it is often a good idea to sit back and look at how other people approach the same dilemma.

This is where websites like ours come in, and potentially save the day. So rather than stare at your layout grids for hours on end, take a look at the collection below and you should hopefully click away with more motivation and ideas than when you arrived. If not, why not check out a bunch of our other posts that are similar to this one.

If you find any other worthy layouts, or of course feel one that you have created or creating is worthy, let us know in the comment section and we will add them in our next compilation.

Small Book Layout by : Thirteen Studio 

Creative Magazine Layout by : Computer Arts

Magazine Spread by : Zuleikaiamashita

Professional Magazine Layout by: Aiksing 

Creative Magazine Spread by : Luciana Ruivo

Grunge Magazine Layout by : Miro Branco

Photography Focused Magazine Spread by : Tim Mantoani 

Creative and Fun Publication Spread by : jamie ezra mark

Creative Magazine Spread by : J3Concepts 

Beauty Product Magazine Spread : Luciana Ruivo  

Typography Focused Spread by : LEEEEOOHHH 

Professional Layout by : Isabel Garcia 

Professional Layout by : Isabel Garcia 

Minimal Layout by : Jake Critchlow  

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  • John

    Hey Tom! Got to really say thanks for this list.

    Our company was in dire need of someone who could lay-out our monthly magazine since the so-called pros had experienced “internal problems”. I was the only one who had the most knowledge in lay-outing so our boss dropped the job on me. Honestly, I’m a total greenhorn when it comes to magazine lay-outing.

    So thanks for the inspiration! I was on my wit’s end until I stumbled onto your site. Only then did I have a good idea what to do with our mag.

    I sure do hope that your site continues what it’s doing. Thanks again!

    (Btw, I’ll be recommending this site from now on to my graphic artist friends. I know it isn’t much, but I hope it helps even just a bit.)

    • Hey John, 

      Sounds like a headache! Wish you all the best with that John, hope it works out and I’m glad that we inspired you. 

      It means a lot that you’ll recommend us! 

      All the best,

  • Great ideas in here. I’m mostly a print designer, but I often get asked to do ‘zine layouts–which is what landed me here today. I’m actually looking for creative ways to do an “Art” centerfold spread. Everything is rectangular, and my go-to grid layout is very uninspiring with that kind of shape, over and over. Would love to see if you could conjure up some samples of a such a thing!

    • Hey Coral, I see your predicament. But I’m having hard time visualizing what you are trying to explain. Do you have any examples? Maybe I can throw an article together to inspire you and others in your position.

  • Nick Pilgrim

    I design the in – house magazine for a leading Australian company. I am always looking for new ways to freshen up what we do. Thank you so much for this time – saving page.

    • No problem Nick! I’m glad that it inspires you. We’re big fans of magazine design. 

  • Paula

    Great designs they are really inspirational, love your blog too it's great!

  • Great collection really inspiring designs

  • Shaniqua


  • DM

    Hey Tom! Your collection is completely superb and highly interesting. I’m rolling out the creative side of me upon being an immediate graphic artist of our school paper. I was thinking of perfect shapes and mixture of colors without getting away with its formality. I’m beginning to like graphic designing more. I wish you always sell out your ideas and make a profit out of these collections.