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42 Excellent Examples of Magazine Layout Design for your Inspiration

I am a sucker for magazine layout design and just love how experimental and fluid the designs have become over the years. So here I have compiled some designs that illustrate exactly that, if you’re like me and like this kind of design check out our other layout inspiration posts.

by Work In Progress


by Relajael Coco


by Studio Newwork


by WanderandFind

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  • EJ Noriega

    Great layouts! Do you have any sample layouts that I can use for a project. It’s for a travel magazine? Thanks.

  • Thanks a lot, just “copied” the style from four examples you’ve given.
    Such an inspiration :3

  • Ade

    Wow… nice work. I like the colour. The way you combine colours, very impressive..
    Can I ask you something. Is it possible for me to improve my career as a web designer? Where should I start to learn about web design? I don’t have any skill in 3D softwares.
    RIght now, I work as a graphic designer in a magazine (printed edition).

    Thanks before.

    • Hey Ade, 

      To be a web designer, you dont need any skill in 3D Software, and learning code is slowly becomming a thing of the past. Unless ofcourse your client wants very specific things that require the code. In which case you hire a developer.

      In my opinion, your best place to start would be learning how to use various content management systems (the most popular being WordPress) – then utilize various themes to work for you and your clients. We use WordPress for this website with Genesis as our framework and their theme Minimum – customized to what we need ofcourse. But the basics are there. 



  • I’ve learned a lot from your blog here. Keep on going my friend; I will keep an eye on it.

  • Wannabe

    Is it possible to start a career in graphic design or web/magazine layout without a design degree? And if you don’t currently work in that field what is the best way to create a portfolio?

    • Hey, it is just as possible as someone with a degree in my opinion. If you were looking at going freelance, a degree is quite irrelevant, however if you are looking at joining a design studio / agency it would help you stand out amongst the other candidates, although the most important thing is an impressive portfolio. I personally recommend doing a few fictional projects that resolve around your specialist subject, unless you already have an extensive amount of client work. (ive done a few of them myself and they grabbed me some great clients). Do you have any examples of work that you have done?

      • Wannabe

        Hi Tom, thanks for your reply. I don’t have a portfolio, at the moment it’s a career I’m looking into after volunteering with a charity and helping out with leaflets and newsletters and thinking this might be something I’d like to do full time.
        Main problem at the moment being lack of Adobe knowledge and only having Dreamweaver and Photoshop installed on my mac!

        • Hey, no problem! Photoshop is a good place to start for the manjority of design jobs. The way I learnt is by going through loads of tutorials daily as apposed to learning the individual tools one by one, as I felt this way you learn and remember exactly what the tools can do in combination with one another. We were thinking about creating a Photoshop Start-Up course of tutorials for this website, maybe it would be a good idea. 

          I recommend either a course (check out or following some tutorials. 

          Good luck!

  • Nice post — will be great for design inspiration!!

  • Really awesome collection of Layouts. I am really inspired by collection.

    Thanks a lot. Keep it up! I will be back here for more.

    Bookmarked this site.