54 Fantastic and Modern Magazine Design Layouts to Inspire you

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Magazine layout inspiration has to be one of my most favored subjects to write about, and every time I compile together a post like this one, I am bombarded with more and more fantastic magazine design layouts. They are continuously popping up all over the web, from some awesome up and coming designers, and the best thing is that brochure printing and book printing is so accessible that more of them are rolling out into real life.

Here we have 55 images that are sure to motivate and inspire you on your journey of publication design, I have tried to compile a complete diversity of layouts from modern to fairly playful so there should be something for every project. But if there is not, we have a whole range of Magazine layout post’s on this website, scroll to the bottom and check out the related posts section.

Bilan Luxe Magazine Designed by Enzed

The Outpost Designed by Gema Navarro and Sant Serif

L.A Magazine Designed by Nicolas Zentner

Layout by Botond Voros

Slanted Magazine Designed by Magma Brand Design

Designed by Natalie Shau

Tapestry Magazined Designed by Morpheus

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    hem…..there is an error here because I am Francesca Valade and this mag is the output of a collective work during 2011 Onlab summer school :)