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8 Viso-Lateral Logo Designs Worthy of Emulation

Logo designs have become an integral component of branding and marketing. An eye catching and memorable logo is enough to help a new business get noticed in an otherwise highly competitive market or industry. Logos are a company’s initial shot at fame—do it right and people would want to get to know more about your brand, fail on it and you might as well decide to entirely rehash your entrepreneurial or corporate project.

So what’s the key to nailing logo design? One way is to follow the viso-lateral design principle.

Viso-lateral design is a presently popular logo creation model which somehow mirrors today’s greatly dynamic and shifting business landscape. It is a unique design approach which primarily turns a company’s name into a visual accent that is unique, creative, attractive, and more often than not, self-explanatory. Here are eight unique and inspiring viso-lateral logos.

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Laura Brentley

Laura Brentley is a senior sales manager at Card Printing US, a provider of printed card products and printing services. A graphic designer prior to her current position, she continues to work on various projects in her spare time to keep her creative juices flowing.

  • here is amazing collection of logo design. it’s very creative and inspirational design.


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