A Beautifully Illustrated Alphabet by Valerie Hugo

The stunning illustrated alphabet below is by illustrator Valerie Hugo, she is currently based in Paris. Each letter is available to purchase on her online store, head over there via her website. In her studio, she creates screenprints that combine love of nature, shamanic myths, Japanese inspiration and disproportions in a dream world. Limited to only 29 copies. This alphabet allows everyone to write the partition that defines it. A letter, word, or mantra that will live his days and nights, depending on where they choose to view it.

Illustrated Alphabet1

Illustrated Alphabet2

Illustrated Alphabet3

Illustrated Alphabet4

Illustrated Alphabet5

Illustrated Alphabet6

Illustrated Alphabet7

Illustrated Alphabet8

Illustrated Alphabet9

Illustrated Alphabet10

Illustrated Alphabet11

Illustrated Alphabet12

Illustrated Alphabet13

Illustrated Alphabet14

Illustrated Alphabet15

Illustrated Alphabet16

Illustrated Alphabet17

Illustrated Alphabet18

Illustrated Alphabet19

Illustrated Alphabet20

Illustrated Alphabet21

Illustrated Alphabet22

Illustrated Alphabet24

Illustrated Alphabet25

Illustrated Alphabet26

Illustrated Alphabet27

Via: Valerie Hugo

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