surreal illustration

A Collection of Surreal Illustrations by Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen

The collection of surreal illustrations below are by Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen, she is a 21-year-old illustrator based in Norway. Vilde specializes particularly in illustration, digital art and drawing. Ever since I was little I have loved to make up my own little stories about imaginary creatures and strange worlds. These interests have only grown, and the result can be seen in the illustrations on my website.

surreal illustration

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen3

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen4

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen5

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen6

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen7

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen8

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen9

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen10

surreal illustrations

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen12

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen13

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen14

surreal illustrations

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen16

Via: Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen

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