A Gorgeous Collection of Inspirational Sticker Designs

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Stickers are another design outcome that I think are highly under-utilized, every designer/business should take the production of sticker designs into consideration when launching a new product, or releasing a new brand identity. The good thing about stickers is that, well, quite obviously they can be stuck anywhere and when they are stuck, they're buggers to get off, so consider this as a nearly permanent advert for your cause, spreading the word couldn't be easier.

TOMOMI Packaging Seal Sticker by Are We Designer


Sticker Design by Borko Neric


Sticker Designs by Code501


Sticker Designs by Ekiem


Sticker Design by Eszter Laki


Character Stickers by Exequlel Matteo


Stickers by Filter017


Packaging Stickers by Heydays


Pawn Sticker Design by Kjetil Golid


Stickers by Raewyn Brandon


Product Sticker Design by Ro&Co

Packaging Stickers by Ryan Doggendorf


Stickers by Sanket Avlani 


Packaging stickers by Wallnut Studio


  • Josh Ray

    Heyy..these are really very cute stickers with good designs.