A Stunning Intricate Animal Coloring Book; ‘Animorphia’ by Kerby Rosanes

This intricate animal coloring book called ‘Animorphia’ is by Kerby Rosanes. He is a Philippines-based illustrator and works mainly with black pens. The book features intricate drawings of incredible animals, shape-shifting aliens and breathtaking scenes. Readers will have to keep their eyes peeled for hidden treasures and creatures scattered throughout the pages. If you are interested in purchasing the book check out the link to Amazon UK at the bottom of this article.

Kerby Rosanes1

A quirky colouring, drawing and search book like no other. Animorphia is filled with illustrations of strange creatures and objects morphing into animals and wild beasts that will tickle your imagination.

Kerby Rosanes2

Animal Coloring Book

Kerby Rosanes4

Kerby Rosanes5

Kerby Rosanes6

Kerby Rosanes7

Kerby Rosanes8

Kerby Rosanes9

Animal Coloring Book

Kerby Rosanes11

Kerby Rosanes12

Kerby Rosanes13

Kerby Rosanes14

Kerby Rosanes15

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