Amazing Comic Book Art by Simone Bianchi

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Simone Bianchi is a well known comic book artist with a very impressive bio. He started collaborating with the most prestigious Italian Publishing Houses creating CD covers for heavy metal bands such as Vision Divine and Labyrinth. Bianchi was also a teacher at the International Comics School in Florance, shortly followed by a career within the best-known Italian 3D design company. Between 2002 and 2006, Simone found himself creating inserts and covers for DC Comics amongst other things, and in 2006 Marvel Comics headhunted him with an exclusive contact. He now creates art for Star Wars, Wolverine, New Avengers and more. 

Comic Book Art

axm lito

axm reg cover 27 wolvie cyclops

Comic Book Art

batman COMM DEF

bp 519-520

BP cover 4

bp unita leggera

cap am ann.cover pencils 2--LEGGERA


Cover Panini

dark av xmen cover 4(hawkeye x23)

F 4 cover SK

F4  560 jpg

f4 cover 560 sketch def

HASBRO X 23 leggera

NA14pg6 7DEF_0

New AV 15 cover DEF leggera



Secret wars PENCIL cover composta LEGG

spidey cover 1 JPG_0

STORM Danese DEF_1

Comic Book Art

TEC cover(batman mezzo busto)

Thanos pg 2

thor 3 pag 16

thor 5 p8

thor1 pag 1


Wolv issue 1 SK

Wolverine 309 10-11

Wolverine 313 02-03

Wolverine 313 4

wolvie 54 12_13

xforce cover sketch B C