Animal Photography: Cat Portraits by Rob Bahou

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Amsterdam based photographer Rob Bahou specializes in a variety of photography subjects but the cat portraits in particular caught my eye. In his bio Rob says; "I don't think that animals understand what a camera is, so when they look into a lens, they are not conscious of their appearance. As a result, they don't adjust their expression, posture or body language, they just are what they are." I couldn't agree with him more, so much personality is shown in each portrait. Rob hopes to publish a book in the future, so be sure to keep an eye on his website!

Cat Portraits

Why animals? Other than the fact that I grew up with them, and have a profound fascination with what goes on in their psyches, I believe that capturing a faithful, telling portrait of them is surprisingly easy.

Cat Portraits2

Cat Portraits3

Cat Portraits4

Cat Portraits5

Cat Portraits6

Cat Portraits7

Cat Portraits8

Cat Portraits9

Cat Portraits10

Cat Portraits11

Cat Portraits12

Cat Portraits13

Cat Portraits14

Cat Portraits

Cat Portraits16

Cat Portraits17

Cat Portraits18

Cat Portraits19

Via: Rob Bahou