3D spider mural

Awesome 3D Spider Mural by Nychos for Knotenpunkt 14 Urban Art Festival

Graffiti artist Nychos has created this awesome 3D spider mural, at the ‘Mural Kick Off’ for Knotenpunkt 14 urban art festival in Hamburg. The mural is of a huge black widow spider that has been sliced down the middle revealing its grusome insides.

This year‘s KNOTENPUNKT Festival will already open up in September by a spectacular side event. Within the “Mural Kick Off”, internationally known urban art artists will design several house walls with huge mural paintings, which will have an ongoing impact on the townscape of Hamburg due to extensive art.

3D spider mural

3D spider mural2

3D spider mural3

3D spider mural

3D spider mural5

via: Nychos

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