Awesome Handlettered Logotypes by Ginger Monkey

Here is a collection of handlettered logotypes from the last few years by Ginger Monkey aka Tom Lane, each piece starts off with a pencil and paper. Ginger Monkey is a illustrator, lettering artist and designer based in Bristol, UK.

His body of work encompasses intricate packaging designs, playful typographic posters, company branding, obsessively detailed illustrations and nearly everything in between. Tom has developed invaluable experience in producing refined and visually striking projects.

handlettered logotypes

handlettered logotypes2

handlettered logotypes3

handlettered logotypes4

handlettered logotypes5

handlettered logotypes6

handlettered logotypes

handlettered logotypes8

handlettered logotypes9

handlettered logotypes10

handlettered logotypes11

handlettered logotypes12

handlettered logotypes13

handlettered logotypes14

handlettered logotypes15

handlettered logotypes16

handlettered logotypes17

handlettered logotypes18

via: Ginger Monkey

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