Miniature Paintings

Awesome Miniature Paintings by Lorraine Loots

Lorraine Loots’ project ‘Paintings for Ants’ is full of miniature paintings that follow on from her 2013 project ‘365 Paintings for Ants’ and 2014 project ‘365 Postcards for Ants’. Throughout the course of this year, Lorraine plans to create a collection that contains 100 miniature paintings just like the ones below, and the plan is to release these on ‘Microcosm Mondays’, ‘Tiny Tuesdays’, ‘Fursdays’ and ‘Free Fridays’ over a period of 25 weeks. The thing that blew me away about these precious paintings was simply the amount of detail that Loots has been able to squeeze in! To keep up with her project be sure to follow her journey.


Miniature Paintings

Miniature Paintings2

Miniature Paintings3

Miniature Paintings4

Miniature Paintings5

Miniature Paintings6

Miniature Paintings7

Miniature Paintings8

Miniature Paintings

Miniature Paintings10

Miniature Paintings11

Miniature Paintings12

Miniature Paintings13

Miniature Paintings14

Miniature Paintings15

Via: Lorraine Loots


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