Post Apocalyptic

Awesome Post Apocalyptic Artworks by Yuri Shwedoff

Yuri Shwedoff specializes in post apocalyptic art, landscapes and portraits. He is based in Moscow, Russia and in 2008 was nominated for the ‘Medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts’ for a series of works called “Suzdal”. Yuri has a Patreon account where you can pledge $1 or more for his artwork and receive rewards, the smallest reward being artwork with under sketch, check it out via his website.

Post Apocalyptic

post-apocalyptic 2

post-apocalyptic 3

post-apocalyptic 4

post-apocalyptic 5

post-apocalyptic 6

post-apocalyptic 7

post-apocalyptic 8

post-apocalyptic 9

post-apocalyptic 10

post-apocalyptic 11

post-apocalyptic 12

post-apocalyptic 13

post-apocalyptic 14

post-apocalyptic 16

post-apocalyptic 17

post-apocalyptic 18

Post Apocalyptic

post-apocalyptic 20

post-apocalyptic 21

post-apocalyptic 22

post-apocalyptic 23

Via: Yuri Shwedoff

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