Beautiful Branding for ‘Sanlo’ by Firmalt

Firmalt has created this beautiful branding for ‘Sanlo’, an exclusive shop that hand selects jewellery from around the world. ‘Sanlo’ is based in Dallas, Texas with their headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico.

The monogram of the letters S and L (the initials of the co-founders) was developed inspired from typography of different alphabets, like Arabic, manuscript, and Russian. The result is a beautiful identity with an international aesthetic. The color palette was chosen keeping in mind that the jewelry must always be the main focus. The subtleness of the palette speaks of elegance and femininity, without invading the piece’s protagonism.

beautiful branding

beautiful branding2

beautiful branding3

beautiful branding4

beautiful branding5

beautiful branding6

beautiful branding

beautiful branding8

beautiful branding9

beautiful branding10

beautiful branding11

beautiful branding12

via: Firmalt

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