Oil Paintings

Beautiful Oil Paintings by Dorian Vallejo

Dorian Vallejo is the artist behind these oil paintings, his stunning and ethereal paintings are created using oil paints on canvas. Dorian has prints available that you can purchase via his website. Much of the art I create engages a fascination I have with several ideas that over lap both philosophically and easthetically. I’m interested in the psychology of our inner selves, the conscious exploration  and the interplay between the two realms of existence. Essentially, I see that process and our challenge to balance the lighter and darker sides of our persona as a beautiful dance.

Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings2

Oil Paintings3

Oil Paintings4

Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings6

Blossom (44x58) oil on canvas

Oil Paintings8

Oil Paintings9

Oil Paintings10

Oil Paintings11

Oil Paintings12

Oil Paintings13

Via: Dorian Vallejo

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