Beautifully Minimal Branding Design for ‘Message Candles’ by ‘For Brands Studio’

The minimal branding design below was created by For Brands Studio for Message Candles. For Brands is a small, independent branding studio based in Poland. Various projects of theirs have been awarded by Logo Lounge, Behance Network, Computer Arts, The Dieline, Magic Branding, Print Control and many more.

Based on an elegant wordmark accompanied by monogram and custom tailored typography used for messages applied on candle glass, we achieved a luxury, contemporary look, fitting the product style. Inspired by the candle, its amazing aesthetics and a tiny detail – a wooden wick, we decided to use the same real wood across the identity design including the packaging. We played a lot with different thickness of special wood veneers, to achieve perfect results for both business cards and packaging. Message Candles come in a variety of amazing, uniquely formulated fragrances.

Message Candles29

Message Candles28

Message Candles27

Message Candles26

Message Candles25

Message Candles24

Message Candles23

Message Candles22

Message Candles21

Message Candles20

Message Candles19

Branding Design

Message Candles17

Message Candles16

Message Candles15

Message Candles14

Message Candles13

Message Candles12

Message Candles11

Message Candles10

Message Candles9

Message Candles8

Message Candles7

Message Candles6

Message Candles5

Message Candles4

Message Candles3

Message Candles2

Via: For Brands

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