Bizarre Illustrations by Amandine Urruty

This collection of black and white bizarre illustrations are by French artist Amandine Urruty. She creates her illustrations on her bed with multiple mediums and usually on paper or walls. Amanda has a book for sale titled ‘Dommage Fromage’, it is filled with her artwork and comes with a 95 x 66.5cm poster, check it out via her website.

Amandine Urruty offers us a cheerful gallery of deviant portraits, associating grotesque outfits with baroque decorum which miraculously reconcile lovers of alchemistic symbolism to young ladies with too much make up.

Bizarre Illustrations Bizarre Illustrations2 Bizarre Illustrations3 Bizarre Illustrations Bizarre Illustrations5 Bizarre Illustrations6 Bizarre Illustrations7 Bizarre Illustrations8 Bizarre Illustrations9 Bizarre Illustrations10 Bizarre Illustrations11 Bizarre Illustrations12

Via: Amandine Urruty

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