Black Ink Drawings

Black Ink Fingerprint Drawings by Nicolas Jolly

Nicolas Jolly’s black ink drawings are created using what he calls a ‘fingerprint’ technique, he explains it as it allows him to guide the eye of the observer through the various elements of the scene compositions. All convolutions bring dynamism and speed, amplifying the intense and dramatic effect. Nicolas is a French artist and only works in black ink, his works have been featured in magazines such as; Lapeste for it’s special black and white edition.

Fingerprint Drawings

Black Ink Drawings2

Fingerprint Drawings

Black Ink Drawings4

Black Ink Drawings5

Black Ink Drawings

Black Ink Drawings7

Black Ink Drawings8

Black Ink Drawings9

Black Ink Drawings10

Black Ink Drawings11

Black Ink Drawings12

Black Ink Drawings13

Black Ink Drawings14

Black Ink Drawings15

via: Nicolas Jolly

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