Brand Identity: Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner

This brand identity for Coffee House London was created by Reynolds and Reyner, they are a design agency based in Kiev, Ukraine. Launching a new coffee brand in today’s very competitive market is hugely challenging. You have to offer something truly unique, of the highest quality, along with great atmosphere.

London is a city deeply rooted in its traditions, history and architecture. Loyalties are formed in childhood and honored for a lifetime. So our task is not just to show the outstanding benefits of our product but to weave these assets into the larger culture and themes of London culture, combining the heritage of coffee drinks with the distinctive, one-of-a-kind pleasures of London House coffees.


Brand Identity1

Brand Identity2

Brand Identity3

Brand Identity4

Brand Identity5

Brand Identity6

Brand Identity7

Brand Identity8

Brand Identity9

Brand Identity10

Brand Identity14

Brand Identity15

Brand Identity16

Brand Identity17

Brand Identity18

Brand Identity19

Brand Identity20

Brand Identity21

Brand Identity22

Brand Identity23

Brand Identity24

Brand Identity25

Brand Identity26

Brand Identity27

Brand Identity28

Brand Identity29

Brand Identity30

Brand Identity31

Brand Identity32

Brand Identity33

Brand Identity34

Brand Identity35

Brand Identity36

Brand Identity37

Brand Identity38

Brand Identity39

Brand Identity40

Brand Identity

Via: Reynolds and Reyner

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