Brilliant Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard specializes in feather art, he began showing his work in 2010 but has worked with feathers since the age of 12. He calls his work ‘Feather Showboxes’ and has been recognized worldwide. To create each piece the tools he uses are; tiny eye surgery scissors, forceps and a magnifying glass.

Chris Maynard designs, cuts, and arranges the feathers which retain their original feather colors and shapes. He  creates tiny flocks of graceful swans using swan feathers; displaying peacocks with peacock feathers, turkeys with turkey feathers, and more.

Feather Art

Feather Art2


Feather Art3

Feather Art4

Feather Art5

Feather Art

Feather Art7

Feather Art8

Feather Art9

Feather Art10

Feather Art11

via: Chris Maynard

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