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Gruesome Character Toy Design by Dr.Befa

Toy Design isn't a subject that we talk about much, but if more toys looked like this, I can imagine that by now we would have a vast collection of articles for you to scroll through so if you know of any other toy designers creating similar pieces, let us know in the comment area! we would love to see them. 

Back to the project at hand, Mexican graffiti artist Dr Befa (Angel Quiroz Benitez) has been working with art collective group Quilombo since 2008 and is the creator behind this awesome collection of custom toys. He has also worked on the development and redesign of brand labels for companies like Cerveceria Cuahutemoc-Moctezuma, Unilever and Pasccual Cooperative.

Toy Design

Toy Design


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    • Only just seen this comment after re-editing your article, no problem Dr.Befa! Take care man.


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