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Coffee Shop Branding: Gawatt Take-Out Coffee

This coffee shop branding project for Gawatt take-out coffee shop was created by art director Stepan Azaryan, graphic designer Karen Gevorgyan, and Illustrator Armenak Grigoryan.

“The solution was to graphically embrace the conceptual approach, we created a pattern depicting products making processes. The pattern formed the basis for identity development. Naming was also successfully deployed in the design. “Gawatt” means cup in Armenian, yet, if without first two letters – name of the universal steam engine inventor or unit of power that one can get with a cup of coffee. In this logic, we designed different sizes of cups depending on the power charge of their contained – watt, kilowatt, megawatt, terawatt.”

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  1. I have to say I am usually a sucker for the hipster/maker aesthetic. But in this case it feels very forced and contrived. Like they are Trying. So. Hard. Paperboy Hat? CHECK! Old Watch With Leather Band? CHECK! Steam Pressure Gauge? CHECK! Etc. Etc. Not working for me.

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