15 Coffee Shop Branding Projects to Quench Your Thirst

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I’ve spent the best part of the day searching far and wide for the most on-trend coffee shop branding projects to help fuel your creativity, and within this compilation of 15 identity projects, I have covered a diverse variety of styles, including one inspired by Kate Middleton. We aim to keep our articles fresh and up to date, so if you have any suggestions, shoot them our way in the comment section below!

Coffee & Co by Bond Agency

“Coffee & Co. is a new cafeteria concept on a Tallink Silja Line cruise ship offering freshly prepared savory and sweet snacks. The aim of the project was to create a friendly and straightforward identity, comfortable for onboard passengers of all ages. The script typography underlines the casual feeling and communicates the selection of offered products.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Le Petit Café by Marka Network

“This is the corporate branding, logo & packaging I designed for Le Petit Cafe, a coffee shop located in Lille.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Prototype by Ipek Eris

“Using simple forms – a square, a circle, a triangle and a hexagon- and combining them with handmade typography the idea was to create a friendly, warm and inviting restaurant and cafe. The combination of the four forms inadvertedly also has symbolic aspects- such as the Philosoper’s Stone- and sets the tone for the branding inside the store.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Herschel’s Coffee Co by Marka Network

“We prepare every cup with careful attention and will only serve it when satisfied it meets our exacting standards. At Herschel’s Coffee Co you should expect coffee at it’s very best.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Gawatt Coffee Shop by Stepan Azaryan, Karen Gevorgyan and Armenak Grigoryan.

“The solution was to graphically embrace the conceptual approach, we created a pattern depicting products making processes. The pattern formed the basis for identity development. Naming was also successfully deployed in the design. “Gawatt” means cup in Armenian, yet, if without first two letters – name of the universal steam engine inventor or unit of power that one can get with a cup of coffee.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Middletown Cafe by Pop & Pac

“Kate Middleton started as a personality that reflected the cafe owners sense of style. However, throughout the creative process, she became a creative muse, a person whose life reflected a story that embodied the whole cafe experience. The brand response took reference from key moments in her life, her fashion style, her small town upbringing, her fashion sense, her humble nature and her ascension into The Royal Family.”

Coffee Shop Branding

Koffeeshop by Vegrande

“Ces’t Pantastic !, a Franco-Mexican pastry shop and coffee shop, looking to expand to a young audience, creates a simple place, with practical and accessible products. The identity reflects the strong but casual character of the audience, speaking directly but demanding customer attention and interaction.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Yardstick Coffee by Acre

“We embraced the use of colors selectively, almost clinically, to recreate a playful workshop, in keeping with the philosophy of invoking fun. Key touch points in the space are accented by a playful use of colors. Finally, the use of diffused lights helps to eliminate shadows thereby creating an even canvas to communicate a clean and honest space.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Charlie’s Cafe & Bakery by Fiftysix Creative Agency

“Charlies Cafe Bakery – A local family run cafe in Wood Green, North London. They offer daily baked fresh bakery and also healthy, nutritious and delicious dishes to their customers. We were tasked to create a branding strategy that will set them apart from the local competition. With our research, we decided to go with a black and white concept keeping it simple and clean.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

WELL Coffee by Bond Agency

“The core of WELL’s identity is the wave-like element that has been inspired by the iconic symbol associated with the location. The circular pattern was inspired by how a well looks like from an upper perspective, and this was used in both the printed materials and spatial design. The name of the café inspired unique possibilities for copywriting e.g. “Well made coffee”, “Well, here’s our menu” and “Well-come”.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

BarOne by Lino Russo

“BarOne is a bar specialized in coffee. The name is composed of the words “bar” and “one”, in consequence mixing them, it obtains the word “Barone” (baron in English). At this point, the logo illustrates a baron inside the number one. Its structure totally derives from the circle that confers it a balanced aspect.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Kangaroo Café by HERTAOSHIN Design Office

“After communicating with the shopkeeper several times, we decided to express the pictures in a kind, easy an likable way, which is not only in correspondence with the kind and humorous character of the shopkeeper but also in the hope of giving the customers the easy and fun feel of enjoying the coffee.”

Sixth Sense by Luda Galchenko

“A pop-up cafe where excellent brewed coffee served together with a pinch of natural additives like fruits, spices or berries. Cafe owners have a strong passion for good coffee and sensation of colorful mood palette which it can present. And they are eager to share their passion with customers. The goal was to create the identity which underlines variety of additional ingredients which together with coffee bring new emotions to life.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Coffee Lab by Kate Kwon

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

Käfer: Coffee + Roaster by Jordan Richards

“Käfer (n) Kä•fer: Beetle in German Käfer Coffee + Roaster is an affordable, upscale coffee shop and roaster based in the city of Berlin, Germany. Germans like their coffee and Käfer is a one-stop-shop for roasted beans and hand-crafted drinks. The design of everything from the amber glass bottles to the cardboard brown cylinders was intended to reflect the handcrafted, sophisticated tone of the company. The shop is in pursuit to satisfy this generation’s craving for the next unconventional, current and attractive coffee shop.”

Coffee Shop Branding Projects

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