Concept and Packaging Design: Cacao Barry

The concept and packaging design featured below for ‘Cacao Barry’ was created by the graphic and multimedia agency called Zoo who are based in Vic, Spain. We work with clear concepts, a simple graphic and good ideas, applied to every support needed, physical, audiovisual or interactive.

Tocantins is a chocolate that comes from small cocoa plantations from the Amazon delta. The production is limited and reserved exclusively to the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”. The packaging for the presentation is made with paper paste, tied with fine rope and sealed with sealing wax, evoking a remote origin with a band that provides exclusivity.

packaging design

packaging design2

packaging design3

packaging design4

packaging design5

packaging design6

packaging design7

packaging design8

packaging design9

packaging design10

packaging design11

packaging design12

packaging design13

packaging design14

packaging design15

packaging design16

packaging design17

packaging design18

packaging design19

packaging design

Via: Zoo

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