Dark Illustrations by Brian Allen

The collection of dark illustrations below are by Brian Allen, he is a freelance artist and creative director living in Pennsylvania. A few of his clients include; Epson, Hasbro, Hard Rock Cafe and BSX. “I create artwork in two very different styles:  light and dark, which is an unusual mix.  I genuinely enjoy illustrating fun, happy things as much as I enjoy designing dark, creepy things, so I’m not about to give one of them up.”

Bukshot Album Cover

Dumb and Dumber Zombie Tribute Illustration

Even when the subject matter of the illustration is dark, I like to try to squeeze in a little humor into everything I do.  I’m a big fan of classic monster movies, and the art direction of 80’s style toys and games, and generally anything that is creepy and a bit goofy at the same time.

Zombie Police Trooper

Lochness Monster Band Poster Design

Hang The Jester

Chem Dawg Marijunana T-Shirt

Grim Reaper detailed Illustration for Album Cover

Evil Mushroom T-Shirt Illustration

Sledge-Hammer DIY Skeleton

Hip-Hop Zombie Gangsta Digital Painting

Swamp Alligator illustration for Swamp People

Zombie with headphones T-Shirt Illustration

Medusa Buck



Via: Brian Allen

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